Synalgo's Features

Digital Transformation

It is an integration of digital technologies into various business and technology areas. It’s a kind of cultural change that requires continuity challenge and an imperative business model.

Technology Implementation

Synalgo can efficiently assess your technology requirements and current usage, and make practical and budget-conscious recommendations to leverage your firm’s use of technology.

Business Consulting

Our Consulting Services helps clients to think big by utilizing emerging technologies and get them implemented to grow business more effectively.We follow a challenge focused approach.

Research and Development

Future is technology, so are we. At Synalgo, we always talk about ideas, technologies, research which makes us different and unique. Exploring new technologies, building future helping customers is what we focused on.

Cloud Computing

Scale to large footprints with Cloud Managed Database Systems for all your digital operations, this would create the needed foundation which would excel your organization towards growth.

Smart Sourcing

Based on the customer requirement, Potential candidates are screened on technology competencies, industry knowledge and familiarity with business process and workflows to make sure they fully comply with the requirements.


Synalgo Technologies (P) Limited is a leading player in Websites, Customized application Development, Business Process Automation, Messaging & Collaboration, Networking, and Computing. Synalgo is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end IT solutions beginning from cabling to collaboration to the market. We bring a broader, deeper and state-of-the-art range of products, solutions & services to our customers. Our offerings in Websites, Messaging, Collaboration, & Business application from software services and IT Infrastructure & Managed Services from networking services help our customers derive more value out of IT. Synalgo has recently added mobility computing in its business expertise along with Software Engineering, Computer Equipment, Networks, and Managed Services etc. The software development center located at NOIDA in NCR region is a full-service facility dedicated towards providing customers a comprehensive set of Software Engineering services which cover:

Web Hosting

We package & store



Web Application

Faster With Plane


We Fast Transport

Mobile Apps

Secure Transport


We Gurantee

Who We Are

Synalgo Technologies is global leading and experienced software provider in India. We desire to equip each and every software which elaborate overall growth of clients' pursuit with cost-effective manner.

An impressive toe-hold of originative ideas, savvy and competency to present a task with highest perfection is cause of our driving full-throatily in the field of software development. Our competent, multiskilled and passionate team will really upgrade your business. Project manager consultants and engineering team hear, accept and stuck clients’ demand and devote their passion to present an effectless task in a explict time.

At Synalgo we comitant eternal co-relation with our clients as the result more than 90% are prolongly with us who desire to concomitant forever. We are a ruler in handing out an effectual software develpoment resolution.

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